Ramada plaza jumeirah beach, Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach

Ramada plaza jumeirah beach

Счастливые часы оплачивается отдельно. The view of the Thinkmarina from the 14th floor is amazing. Отель находится на расстоянии метров от ближайшего пляжа. Good luck and have a nice holiday!!

The guys work quickly and well, there are practically no queues for settlement. But only one Kazakh girl speaks a powerful language, the rest are Chinese and other nations do not speak Russian, communication is only in English. They asked for a deposit of more than dollars, but then they lowered it to dirhams I realized that this is the minimum for a room. We did not ask not to pay a deposit, because. We arrived at the hotel only at , very tired because of the delay of the plane.

The check-out deposit is returned quickly, except for the one you used everything in the minibar is quite expensive. Elevators 3, not long to wait, but once they all stopped for 20 minutes. We went down from the 9th floor on foot, and who is on the 30th floor?

Our 2 families settled on the 8th and 9th floors. Then I saw how the Russians were settled on the 1st floor. During the conversation during the settlement, we asked for rooms with a view of the marina.

The reception did not pay extra for the rooms. I advise you to pretend to smoke, then they will give a room with a balcony. The view of the marina is not oh what, but the view "on the plaza" is a view of several neighboring houses and the roof of the store located below that is, no one at all, the sea is not visible.

What is very bad with a view of the marina is a rather busy street located under the windows. Even my house is quieter. Yes, and some repairs are underway on this street, but for all the time the equipment made noise only 1 time.

In the rooms we had kettles, stocks of coffee, tea, min. But there is nothing to dry things, we have adapted a suitcase stand. The rooms are new, clean, no defects.

Ramada plaza jumeirah beach

Next: breakfast. Breakfast from 6. Breakfast itself, I would say "very poor". The assortment is like in city hotels, not resort hotels. I took daily scrambled eggs, sausages, coffee. Expensive, and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants around. In any case, it will not be more expensive than in a hotel.

There is a market and a Starbuck cafe next to the hotel building. The market has everything you need except alcohol, of course , they take dollars. The hotel has no territory at all, a common courtyard with neighboring residential buildings. I would rather say, a "paddling pool" with a depth of 0.

There are about 40 sun loungers and 8 chairs near the pool and this is on 42 floors of the hotel. Naturally, at 8. By 13 sunbeds are slowly released. Mostly children flounder in the pool, as an adult cannot swim in it the pool is small and shallow. Water temperature gr. Towels can be taken directly from the pool. Next is the sea. Towels are taken from the hotel. We liked the walk over the Hilton bridge and then down the elevator. Distance to the sea minutes, depending on your speed data. The beach is large and sandy.

The sea is clean and warm. There is some rubbish on the beach public, but what can you do. There are only dressing rooms. There are NO toilets or sheds. If you plan to go to the beach every day, do not skimp on a hotel umbrella 60 AED. There is a volleyball net, take your ball. The promenade along the embankment is banal, so once was enough for us. We walked more along the marina, it was somehow calmer there. The marina is 5 minutes walk. To the metro 37th station walk minutes. But, since there were five of us, there was no point in the metro for us, we moved by taxi.

Hotel taxis for AED. They will cost more than municipal ones, the comfort is about the same. There is NO entertainment in the hotel animation, etc. There is a gym on the 1st floor, in which there are 2 tiny saunas M and F separately. There is a cafe on the 35th floor. All of the hotel employees were kind, smiling and accommodating people. Honestly, not a single bad moment, only positive emotions. I wish you all a good holiday! Winter holidays.

My husband had an anniversary at the end of January, so we decided to visit the UAE. We travel abroad regularly, but to the Emirates for the first time. We chose the hotel at the last moment, because. Prior to this, during the week received two refusals from other hotels. But they were happy with the choice. The hotel is located in a good area, although on the second line but close to the beach and promenade.

Settled quickly, did not take a deposit, but there was no minibar. At the reception there are two Russian-speaking managers Anar and Karim, which of course is very convenient.

The room is spacious, beautiful, a huge bed and there is a small kitchen area with a kettle which was convenient, given the presence of a small child. The child was provided with a free crib. At breakfast, the assortment, as they wrote, is monotonous, but it will turn out to be a tasty snack. From fruits - watermelon, melon green , grapefruit, apples, bananas, pineapples, oranges and canned pineapples and peaches.

True, in bad weather, a queue formed at the entrance. The beach is large and not many people, but dirty mostly cigarette butts. Construction near the beach is almost inaudible.

The water is clean and invigorating. During our week-long vacation, there was one rainy day, then windy, it was comfortable on the beach somewhere from , then it was already cool. Certainly not without shopping. We went to the Dubai Mall - a huge number of people, mostly branded stores, were horrified by the queue for a taxi, but we had to stand. I liked the Mall of the Emirates more, the main purchases were made there, a small minus - for some reason there are no places to rest, there is nowhere to sit except for a cafe.

The queue for a taxi was shorter, but also moved more slowly. Marina mall is 15 min. We went to Marina Jumeirah, the so-called. Venice is not a bad place, beautiful architecture, lots of souvenir shops. But I thought you could walk more along the canals there, but it turned out that the hotel occupies a large area, and everything is in cafes and restaurants near the water. It turned out a walk through the bazaar.

Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) 🇦🇪 [ 4K ] Walking Tour

Taxi for vacation is not expensive, but not for nothing. The hotel forgot to congratulate my husband on DR, I reminded at the reception, apologized, said that there was a malfunction in the computer program and the next day they brought a fruit platter and a cake small but tasty. Of course, the availability of free internet is sooooo convenient, and such little things as a bathrobe, slippers, towels for the beach.

In general, the holiday was a success - such a combination of a beach holiday in winter and shopping with discounts. Happy with the trip and the hotel too. On the plane, it turned out that everyone was scattered around the cabin like that, even a mother with a three-year-old son was put separately. The stewardess said that fight with drinking companies. Therefore, I advise you to strongly ask at check-in to put them together. Have a good holiday!

We stayed at the Ramada Plaza Juneira. I really liked the hotel. We lived on the 31st floor in a smoking room with a balcony. The breakfasts were good. Deposit dollars. They refused the bar. There is a short road to the beach through the parking lot and the Hilton hotel. In the Emirates for the 4th time. The hotel is good value for money, service quality and location. All beach hotels on Jumeirah are much more expensive. Some rooms without balcony.

We were given a choice of several, chosen with a balcony and two beds. Special thanks to the receptionist Anar, who was very attentive and responded to any requests. The view of the Thinkmarina from the 14th floor is amazing. In the room, in addition to what was stated in the description, there was a coffee maker of the "cappuccinatore" type, a DVD player. Bathrobes and towels were changed every day, on request - and more often. Room cleaning twice a day.

They put water - two bottles of 0. The guests of the Hilton were not lucky, half of the hotel had full windows on a grandiose construction site with heavy machinery and pile drivers. For children there is no entertainment either in the hotel or in the vicinity, not a single swing.

There is a shuttle service from the hotel to the Emirates Mall twice a day. It takes minutes by taxi to Dubaimall, depending on the traffic, at a price of around dirhams round trip. You can also take the metro - 11 dirhams round-trip, children under 5 years old are free. To the subway on foot across the bridge - 10 minutes. Holidays abroad is not the first time. The current vacation is 12 days in August partially during Ramadan.

I liked the hotel in general. But, I got the impression that it is more suitable for stops during business trips I do not recommend it for families with children. The location of the hotel is quite convenient: 1 close to the metro station - try to take the metro in Dubai at least once, which impresses with its cleanliness and comfort.

The scheme is simple; the subway in Dubai is mainly ground, respectively, while riding the subway, look at the city ; 2 relatively close to shopping malls. As such, the hotel does not have territory, there are similar skyscrapers nearby.

In the evening, the walk is quite lively especially outside of Ramadan ; walked there almost every day. The rooms are spacious, clean, new and modern. We had a view of Dubai Marina in the evening it is incredibly beautiful. Cleaning is of high quality, bed linen and towels are changed regularly, bathrobes are changed at the request of the client. The room has a safe, hairdryer, iron and ironing board; you can ask for an adapter for an electrical outlet at the reception - they will give it for free.

Ramada plaza jumeirah beach

Tea, coffee in the room replenished daily. Wi-Fi in the rooms, lobby, restaurant - free of charge. Friendly, welcoming, pleasant, responsive. We booked on HB. In general, the food is good. Several monotonous breakfasts for example, porridge was the same for 12 days. Drinks during dinner for an additional fee. Fruits and berries: green and red apples, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, melon, papaya during the first week of rest - then disappeared Breakfasts are standard.

Sweets during dinner; for breakfast - pastries muffins, croissants In my opinion, this is the main drawback of the hotel. The beach is urban, not equipped, not quite clean. You can swim in the sea at any time of the day. Swimming pool. Very small. We never swam in it. I would like to note the following: during Ramadan, it was somewhat empty both in the hotel, and on the streets, and on the beach.

However, when Ramadan ended and the legal holidays came, in connection with which there was a large influx of guests from neighboring countries. Then we realized that "a kind of emptiness" was more favorable, because. They bathed right in their clothes, apparently to wash it immediately on the body The police dispersed them on the beach.

It was something I hope that this did not happen again after the official weekend ended, since we, for example, could not relax in such an environment our vacation ended by the time of the last of the three days of the holiday weekend. The hotel has some flaws that I think can be found anywhere. Decide for yourself. Most importantly, stay positive! Good luck and have a nice holiday!! Questions 1. I will live with my family in a hotel.

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Ramada plaza jumeirah beach

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